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About Us

Through the completely acquisition of other small companies, shareholders are now participating in scientific research and development of research institutions. Thus, Shanghai Xiboy Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been formed as an integrated company for development, production and sales. Now we design, build and sell our own products, and at the same time we have been the reseller agents of physical rehabilitation equipment brands both domestic and international.

Our products: Magnetic hot massage instrument, Digital Meridian Balancing Apparatus, Multifunctional pain relieving and muscle training system, NEURAC Suspension training system.

Brands that we sell as general agent:

 Germany Trautwein Hydrotherapy
 UK SEERS Rehabilitation Couch
 USA TheraSuit both for children and adult
 UK Spacekraft Multi-sensory Series
 Netherland LODE Corival Pediatric, Valiant Periatric, and Body Weight     Support System Series
 USA DeRoyal cold and hot packing, Rehabilitation Assistiva devices

In addition, we also provide consulting services on planning, preparation and training of personnel and so on for medical, sports, education and scientific research institutions.




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